Free TV Ottawa

What is the catch?

There is always a catch because there is no such thing as “free”.

It can’t be legal right?

No. This is a VERY legal way to obtain television programming.

In the old days your new “Black and White” TV arrived with an antenna in the form of those ubiquitous "rabbit ears".

The catch now is that new televisions do not come with an antenna and you need a modern high quality TV antenna for Digital OTA TV reception.

A ONE time investment of between $30 and $150.00 will usually yield excellent results.

The big difference between now and the old days is that you will receive TV signals of excellent quality, or the TV broadcast signal will be too weak for reception. Period.

Digital OTA is an all or nothing proposition.

The variables?

Distance from the TV transmitters you are interested in.

Obstructions between you and the TV signal transmitter.

Generally the higher your antenna is mounted, the further away the TV transmitter can be.

Out door antenna’s tend to perform much better that indoor models.

What does that mean?

You may get more TV stations with an antenna mounted on the roof of your house than with an antenna sitting on top of your TV.

The reason for this is TV signals are available where Line of Sight (LOS) is possible.

The signals from TV transmitters are attenuated (made weaker) by the atmosphere and obstructions like: terrain, your neighbours house, the walls in your own house, etc.

Given the curvature of the earth, transmitted signals beyond about 112 km (70 miles) away require extreme measures to receive.

There are tower antenna installations “pulling” in signals from TV stations 190 km (120 miles) away! This is rare, your results WILL vary.

Longer distances are possible if the transmitter is located across a large body of water.

For example Ontario residents near Lake Ontario or Lake Erie can usually pick up stations transmitting from the American side of the lake. British Columbia residents on the lower mainland and Vancouver Island have better conditions to receive American TV transmissions from Washington State.

Regardless, The upside is almost anyone can install an antenna !

So How Do I Take Advantage of Free OTA TV?

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